Oh Hi Kaaren

Oh hi Kaaren I didn't hear you come in, be a sweetie and start dinner, I'm going to be busy for a while...

Sissy In October - Cooler

The cooler weather has begun although the days are still warm. it's the time I can take out my pretty light sweaters and put away my tank tops and bikinis. I love living in a place where we have seasons because I get to have a girls wardrobe for each one!!!!

Just Use Your Hand Sissy

No sucking, I know you want to but don't...you have to learn-that a good handjob can be very satisfying! Oh yes Kaaren stroke that cock, up and down, smooth firm strokes, a real cock, not that puny thing between your legs, I know you want to suck it but just keep stroking it, oh god that's so hot!!!! I'm gonna cum sissy you're making us both cum you're such a good sissy....

I Knew She Was Watching!

I knew she was watching me as I sucked his cock....She had trained me and I wanted to show her I had learned my lessons well!

I Was Out When She Got Home

When I got home and went to put some of the groceries in the fridge I found her message...When I got to our bedroom I found her sleeping but I could see she had brought me a treat ....

I didn't want to wake her but I just couldn't wait!

I Don't Know Why

I don't know why it is Sissy, your little clit was never anything I was all that interested in before. Now though, ever since it's been locked away I find myself endlessly fascinated by it...

So Wet

When she looks at her stud and says I'm so wet for you baby he knows just what to expect

When she looks at her Sissy Husband and says I'm so wet for you baby the expectations are a little different


Come On Down

Come on down to Sissy Kaaren's Hand Job Emporium where we promise the best hand jobs in the north!
Sissy Kaaren says "Bring your hard cocks here today, my arms never get tired!"
This week only we're having our 2 for 1 sale, after all a sissy does have two hands!
Free parking and major credit cards accepted!

I'm Glad You Like Them

I wore these pretty new panties for the first time today, I can see that you like them! My boss liked them very much too and he is so thoughtful...he sent you something he thought you'd like.
After you lick me clean I want you to call him and thank him for his generosity, now get busy sissy!

You Always Look So Sweet

Kaaren you always look so sweet in pretty pink panties, I can't keep my hands off of you!

Sunday is Game Day Sissy!

I'm so glad that the men seem to enjoy spending some time with you, it's good for you to have some male friends, I was thinking that this week we'd treat them extra special so I want you to look your prettiest for them! I know how much they enjoy your company.

OMG I Love When She Does This

When she does this it's like she has jolted me directly to the pain and pleasure centers of my body! All I want at that point is more...

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