Friday is Date Night

I love it when I'm allowed to help, a lot of men are put off by having me there but some just seem to roll with it. I like to think that those guys are getting a little something extra!

Usually the fluffing is my job but in some cases with a really good looking man she'll join in...

Once he's hard I have to force myself to stop! I'll get my taste of him later...

I put him inside her, and I get in a little lick as he slides into her, I love hearing her gasp as his big cock fills her....

And because I know her so well I give her ass a little lick causing her to moan and push back harder onto him...

I stepped back to watch him fuck her hard and deep, far deeper than I've ever been...

He groaned as he came inside her, he smiled at me and pulled out as his second spurt spread on her sweet pussy. "Something for you Sissy." he said laughing.

I greedily milked his softening cock to get the last few drops!

I slid my fingers through their mixed juices as I moved up to kiss her beautiful face, glowing from the pleasure she had just recieved,,,

"Please Kaaren," she whispered to me, "Make me cum again." I smiled as I moved between her legs. This was just about my favorite part, It's what a sissy is born to do!


It's Just Perfect

Sissy, your little clit may be useless but I love using tour mouth. it's perfect!!!

The Cock - Some Thoughts

When I was young I knew I was different, I didn't do the usual boy things, As I grew into my teen years I tried to be "one of the guys". I liked girls and fell in love with more than a few, some even loved me back despite my somewhat less than masculine appearance and a very diminutive endowment between my legs. Yet through all that time there was a little idea in the back of my mind that only became more pronounced as I began wearing women's clothes.

I began to think about the cock. I began to wonder what it would be like to dress as a girl and kneel down in front of a man and take his hard cock in my mouth...

Finally I decided it was something I had to try, I wanted to have a hard cock in my mouth

It's not that hard to talk a man into letting you suck his cock and so, I put on my prettiest panties, knelt down and took him into my mouth. No more fantasy...I was a real cocksucker now...

My mind reeled as I tasted him, I felt thrilled and then humiliated as he looked down at me kneeling there. a sissy cocksucker servicing him...

I discovered myself that day, I was a sissy cocksucker, I still am and god help me I just love it!

I Just Want You To Know

I just want all of my dear readers to know that despite the government shutdown I will continue working....
I just needed some incentive.....and I found there was no shortage of unpaid volunteers!

I Couldn't Take My Eyes Off of Her

As she sat at the table relaxing all eyes were on her.
Some men there couldn't take their eyes off of her ample breasts
Some men there couldn't take their eyes off of her long sexy legs
I couldn't take my eyes off her cute shoes, I wonder where she got them and I wonder if they had my size!

Just A Minute

Just a minute, let me send this to my Sissy husband to let him know I'll be late tonight.

Very Nice Sissy

You are keeping yourself so pretty and smooth, now go slip on some pretty lingerie and hose. Make yourself pretty for me.

Once Accepted

Once the cuckold has accepted cleaning another mans cum from his wife, it's a very small step to sucking her lovers cock. He'll be her sissy cocksucker whether or not she feminizes him because hell be feminized in the way that counts the most!

The Groom Didn't Mind

The groom didn't mind too much, He was number 6 in line to have his new bride so he wouldn't have too long to wait. At least he wasn't back there at the end of the line, god it might take her hours to get to that poor bastard!

Hurry Sissy

Hurry Sissy, I was starting to leak right through them! Lick me clean first then you can clean up my panties!!!

Monday ManCandy

Why is this Sissy smiling,,,,why not? Sissy knows that the best way to start the day is with a healthy dose of protein, served fresh and warm!

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